Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Dover Grade 3/4 class respond to the FriendCHIPS challenge


in the southern-most school in Australia, at Dover District High School, the Grade 3/4 class have received a virtual paper plane with the challenge "Say 10 positive things in 10 days."

They are excited. They watch all the friendCHIPS TIPS videos created by the Grade 4/5 class at Mt Nelson.  They try out the tips and decide ways to make them better. They create videos, a blog and their own youtube channel. 

They write letters to the Mt Nelson students.

On the last day of third term the two classes skype. They are all excited. The Mt Nelson students watch the Dover videos and then send their own letters back. The classes want to meet up.

Here are the Dover kids with the Mt Nelson letters:

The Mt Nelson students are inspired by the creative responses by the Dover class. They are keen for their campaign to go viral and change the world. What school would like to take the challenge?